Month: September 2004

I’d Dan Rather Not…Thank You Very Much

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It was bound to happen you have to admit. Limbaugh was bound to be right and every conservative-minded American can now sit back and thumb their nose at the mainstream media while dialing over to FOX News. Even so, I can’t help but feel sorry for the dupe – meaning Rather.

To be busted because someone was too stupid to actually use a typewriter is about the worst way to lose a lifetime of journalistic integrity. Of course, Rather might have thought about that before throwing in with “those who want Bush to die.”

I’m almost not afraid to put a “W” sticker on my car now – almost. My friend did and ended up with some wacko scribbling under the word “Bush” the word “Kills.” Clever, that one. Really, is that the best they could do?

I’m looking forward to this “blogging.” I couldn’t believe that I actually had to look up the word. I used to be a network engineer – up on all the latest jargon and goings-on. This is what I get for going back to school and losing focus.

More to come…