Month: October 2004

Using my newfound SuperPowers…to analyze the debate

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By now, every blogger on the planet has no doubt given his or her two cents’ worth on the presidential debates. Debate might actually be a bit misleading. I would have welcomed a debate, but what the American people received was actually a series of rote answers to questions the candidate’s advisors had anticipated…or not, as seemed to be the case with the “Do you believe being gay is a choice?” question.

I don’t get this idea that John Kerry won the debate, but that Bush was more likeable. Here’s why:

1. With the exception of his outlining his plan for health care reform, Sen. Kerry has still not explained any of the “plans” he has for fixing the ills of America. Even his convoluted health care explanation last night left me scratching my head. Regardless of his reassurances that his plan was no a government plan, I can’t help but think that any plan monitored and controlled (regulated) by the government, is anything BUT a government health care plan.

2. I love the Democrat’s doubletalk. Rollback is a favorite word of Kerry/Edwards. Rollback actually means a repeal of taxcuts. In effect, that’s raising taxes. Also, Kerry last night said that under his health care plan, people age 54 will have the opportunity to contribute to medicare. Contribute? I thought that’s what we did UNTIL we retire, not after. What he meant to say, or not to say as the case may be, was that he was going to allow millions of people to start drawing government medicare benefits up to ten years earlier than they do now. All this without raising taxes. WOW!

3. Sen. Kerry, keep other folks’ families out of the debate. Also, could you have been any more uncomfortable saying the word “lesbian?”

Now let’s talk about Bush for a second

1. Pres. Bush, jokes generally fall flat when you’re talking with an audience who has been told not to respond. Just stop it, it looks silly.

2. Good job not slouching and keeping your energy up. Watch the overzealous smiling though. I know, you can’t win no matter what you do right?

3. You missed a key opportunity to explain to the American people how American pharmaceuticals are safer and better than those from other countries. Kerry gave you that slow-pitch softball right down the middle and all you did was mention that the flu vaccine that was tainted came from Britain. How about, “This stresses why my administration believes the only and best drugs Americans should purchase, should come from this country. Reimportation does not guarantee safety and efficacy.”

While I’ll agree Bush comes across as more agreeable, Kerry seems to know his stuff until you actually look at what he’s saying. There’s no substance. Sure he fills his allotted time, but rarely is it on-topic and substantive. Like Cheney, if you don’t have anything else to say, move on.

Regardless, the time of debates is over. There are precious few days left before campaigning is cut off for this year. Is there really anyone out there who plans on voting and is still undecided?

If so, pee or get off the pot.