Month: February 2005

I "liked" Bush

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Have I mentioned I’m a Republican? Oh yes:

  1. I believe taxes aught to be used for general societal improvements and emergency relief for those “truly” less fortunate
  2. I believe more government regulation = less personal freedom
  3. I believe Rush Limbaugh is a pompous Ass, but correct more often than not, and I am therefore an avid fan. Although I also believe he’s gotten too big for his own britches and puts too many commercial breaks in his show
  4. I believe public education is an oxymoron (albeit I’m a product of it)
  5. too more to list

Given the above, it’s probably no surprise that I voted for Bush. But like many, I believe, I’m finding it less easy to support him. As an ex-Air Force airman, I understand the need for war, and here’s one place where I’m in total agreement with our decision to go to war in Iraq.

However, this whole, “let’s screw the Democrats by playing their game better than even they do,” is just getting out of hand.

My one caveat to all this is that as an ex-military person who had a TS/SCI clearance, there is a whole lot the average person doesn’t know, and quite frankly, doesn’t need to know. But, a little explanation for some of Pres. Bush’s actions would be nice.


Stupid Tsunami Relief!

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It really must some kind of day when I’m posting two blogs. Blame others who have eye-catching titles to pique my mind into remembering something I wanted to say to someone other than my wife.

OK, is it just me, or is anyone else “Enough with the Tsunami Relief already!”?

How much money has the world pledged? 200 Billion? That’s steep I guess, but my question is, how much value was actually lost (I mean in monetary, not human-life measurements) versus how much the countries of the world are foisting on them?

Seriously, if you took the GDP of all the areas hit and added it up, then add together how much money it would cost to put 20,000 people to work making mud for buildings, and is it really necessary for the U.S. to donate another $500 million just to keep world journalists from pissing on our good name?

Here’s a secret: “They’re going to hate us no matter how much money we donate.”

It’s a bit like my family (natural and in-law) who labor under the pretense that we (and in this context I metaphorically mean “we” to mean “all Americans”) have more money than God and therefore couldn’t possibly use any help with, say…daycare! No please, take some of that money I paid into the tax system, and instead of fixing the sliding pavement on my street, mail it over for the Tsunami Relief.

I could expound on this more, but I think Matt Reid does a fine job here

On Presidential Holidays and the Like

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This morning, I left the house a few minutes earlier than usual so I could drop by and let my in-laws’ dog out to pee. I’m not sure she did actually, as I had to go pee. When I came back, the dog was standing by the door – slightly farther away than when I left her, so I don’t know if she did her ‘biz’ and came back, or if she never left to begin with.

Anyway, without all the yahoos on the road, it being Presidents day and all, I zipped to work in record time.

Which reminds me, “I HATE ATLANTA.” For many reasons, but traffic is high on my list. Add to that the compete lack of outdoor activities and places to hold outdoor activities and you have a very un-fitness friendly city.

Have I officially blogged enough for today? I always wonder. I think I’ll change my font…

I like verdana better, except that it makes your letters seem so BIG!

Here’s a question for all you dads out there: At what point after having children do you stop feeling guilty for doing yardwork and such while your wife “deals” with the baby?

I ask because that’s exactly how I feel every weekend when I’m out doing things that need doing, like: car washing, lawn mowing, general cleanup etc…

Looking back, I’m really not ready to be a dad. Too late sucker!