I "liked" Bush

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Have I mentioned I’m a Republican? Oh yes:

  1. I believe taxes aught to be used for general societal improvements and emergency relief for those “truly” less fortunate
  2. I believe more government regulation = less personal freedom
  3. I believe Rush Limbaugh is a pompous Ass, but correct more often than not, and I am therefore an avid fan. Although I also believe he’s gotten too big for his own britches and puts too many commercial breaks in his show
  4. I believe public education is an oxymoron (albeit I’m a product of it)
  5. too more to list

Given the above, it’s probably no surprise that I voted for Bush. But like many, I believe, I’m finding it less easy to support him. As an ex-Air Force airman, I understand the need for war, and here’s one place where I’m in total agreement with our decision to go to war in Iraq.

However, this whole, “let’s screw the Democrats by playing their game better than even they do,” is just getting out of hand.

My one caveat to all this is that as an ex-military person who had a TS/SCI clearance, there is a whole lot the average person doesn’t know, and quite frankly, doesn’t need to know. But, a little explanation for some of Pres. Bush’s actions would be nice.


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