On Presidential Holidays and the Like

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This morning, I left the house a few minutes earlier than usual so I could drop by and let my in-laws’ dog out to pee. I’m not sure she did actually, as I had to go pee. When I came back, the dog was standing by the door – slightly farther away than when I left her, so I don’t know if she did her ‘biz’ and came back, or if she never left to begin with.

Anyway, without all the yahoos on the road, it being Presidents day and all, I zipped to work in record time.

Which reminds me, “I HATE ATLANTA.” For many reasons, but traffic is high on my list. Add to that the compete lack of outdoor activities and places to hold outdoor activities and you have a very un-fitness friendly city.

Have I officially blogged enough for today? I always wonder. I think I’ll change my font…

I like verdana better, except that it makes your letters seem so BIG!

Here’s a question for all you dads out there: At what point after having children do you stop feeling guilty for doing yardwork and such while your wife “deals” with the baby?

I ask because that’s exactly how I feel every weekend when I’m out doing things that need doing, like: car washing, lawn mowing, general cleanup etc…

Looking back, I’m really not ready to be a dad. Too late sucker!


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