Month: July 2005

"Grand Theft" of Our Rights

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Who cares if adult males can sit at home and watch CGI characters perform sexual acts on each other? Is it really any of our business what people do in their own homes?

I’m speaking of course, about the video game “Grand Theft Auto” and the hacked download that allows certain features of the game to be unlocked. I haven’t seen them, but these features are supposedly sexual in nature. As I understand it, these features were not built into the game by the developers, even though the game already carries an “M” (Mature) rating and should therefore be allowed to include whatever content it wants.

So, we have a game rated for “Mature” audiences, which means it should only be played by adults, and we have Senator Clinton requesting an investigation into the download. She has now proposed a $90 million investigation (yes, another one) into the effects of violence in video games on children.

Ignoring the fact that $90 million could feed every homeless person in America for the rest of their life, why is there an investigation into something that only adults are “supposed” to be able to access anyway? Now, being a Christian conservative, I don’t agree with sexual acts in video games, but my take on it is to not purchase the product. It’s that simple.

People, if you don’t like something, then don’t purchase it, don’t play, don’t endorse it in any way. But for the love of all things free and holy, don’t take that freedom away from other people. The founders of this country were conservative beyond belief, but even still, they created a document that gave everyone freedom regardless of whether or not those freedoms flew in the face of the drafter’s personal beliefs. They set aside their personal feelings so that you and I could be free to do as we please.

People like Senator Clinton want to take those freedoms away from us and impose their own personal prejudices on the collective. It’s unnecessary and it’s unwanted. We have laws in place for reasons. If the intent of those laws, in this case the intent being to ensure that only adults view certain material, are not respected, the what’s the point in having the law?

I urge Senator Clinton and her GOP associates to drop this line of pursuit and let people look, read and speak what they want.


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Who titles their blog every day? I mean, who’s that creative? Especially when there’s a running theme.

Anyway, this is the first in a series in what is sure to become the same as it was. Ha!
One would never guess I write for a living. But it’s like the guy I’ve got working on my house. He’s a good carpenter and he’s always busy; but he bought a new house six months ago and hasn’t done a darn thing to it. We’re always too busy for ourselves.

So here’s the backstory: I’m a 32 year-old male living in the NW suburbs of Atlanta, GA. I’ve been married for 5 years and I have one son (16 mnths). I recently finishing going back to college and am now back in the work force and absolutely no time for anything and I feel absolutely miserable about it.

Sound familiar? Good. You’ll enjoy yourself here – if nothing else, at least you’ll find a kindred spirit.