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Thus far, our oldest son (Ethan) has taken this whole “New Brother” thing pretty well. There’s been no aggressive behavior at all. The biggest change we’ve seen, is that he’s become a little more snuggly; which isn’t a bad thing! Last night we had the in-laws over for the MIL’s birthday and that jazzed up the kids. The baby was then fussy for two hours after they left until 10 p.m. Arrgh!

What to do this weekend then? I was going to take Ethan over to the Cobb Cty. Civic Center for the train show, but upon looking at the pics, I realized it was probably going to be LAME and decided against it. Might take him over to the park instead this weekend. I’d love to do some yard work, but that’s about as likely to happen as my wife and I both getting to sleep in the same bed anytime soon.

Ah well, things will get better I hope!


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