I Need Sleep…

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As I sit here with my left arm feeling like I played Sylvester Stallone’s “Lincoln Hawk” character in “Over the Top,” (this is from craddling my 3-week old son for so long last night), I’m trying to recall all the whitty Blog topics that were running through my head last night as I lay down trying to ignore the “aaggnn, unmmm, uuuggghhh” noises coming from the baby room around midnight last night.

They were really good topics too, but like great dreams, they have fled, much like my energy level.

I think one of them (and again, at midnight it sounded like a much better topic idea) was about the strange things that go through your head when you finally get a chance to go to sleep. I mean, it’s like your brain said, “Look buddy, you’ve been sitting like a zombie in training class all day doing next to nothing, now it’s my turn to get some exercise.” Which wouldn’t be bad necessarily if only it coincided with, say…when my BODY IS ACTUALLY FREAKING UP AND MOVING AROUND AND NOT TRYING TO SLEEP!

Last night’s song du-jour, was that pathetic excuse for a hippy, John Maher’s “Gravity” song. I’m really curious how his album deal went. I mean, he is clearly NOT the romantic “Bubble-Gum Tongue” ladies man (with better hair) that we were originally led to believe he was. I think they said, “OK John, here’s the deal, take it or leave it. You do two songs “Our Way” and then you can just do whatever the hell you want. We just want two songs to get the ladies on your side buying your albums and then you can go off the reservation and start bashing the Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers all you want.”

That’s how it plays out in my head anyway.

OK, I have day 2 of “New Hire” training for the job I’ve been doing for a month now, so gotta run.

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