Well, we’re movin’ on uuuuppp…(movin’ on up…)

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This blog has nothing to do with the Jefferson’s unfortunately; although that was a really great theme song for a show. Nossir, this blog is about everyone’s second favorite thing to complain about–work! (the mostest favoritist thing of course being each person’s own insane family).

And, it’s not so much that I think I’ll be moving “up” at work, so much as just “movin'”. Let’s recap.

  • I’ve been head-honcho writer-guy for about two years now.
  • Called outta the blue by old boss to come back to work for him with great new responsiblities and a promise of a “team” of my own in the very near future.
  • Deal done, I’m back on board.
  • Wait! Re-org within the organization. Boss-man isn’t really my boss anymore and the “team” I was brought on to support has been disbanded and spread out among multiple divisions.
  • What to do with me? Oh I know, let him fend for himself (and the chorus girls sing, “Hallelujah!”)

So, now here I sit with a good bit of work to do, but no real structure to my reporting organization and lo’ and behold, wouldn’t ya know it. Here comes the marketing group (teeth bared, claws in waiting, I watch…)

Now, let’s examine why I feel this way:
A) Could it be because my old boss-man and I discussed certain working situations (e.g., my wife travels and I need to work from home on occasion, AND I need flexible working hours like 7:30-3:30)
B) Because I enjoy a certain amount of anonymity that I just know the manager of Marcom doesn’t allow.
C) My old boss was a “hands off” kinda guy as long as the work was getting done, and I just don’t see that happening over in the marketing dept. (this is sorta like B, but I felt it worth repeating)
D) If I move over into marketing, I can kiss off any chance of having my own team anytime in the near future.

So then one must ask, is all the stress really worth the 12% raise I got taking my new job? Well some would say, “But Chris, Company X is a huge company and you can always do something else within it.”

But see, you’re wrong. I’m a writer because I wanna be a writer. I’ve been a network engineer and I spent nearly eight years hating every minute of it. I don’t wanna go be something new. So you see my quandry? Of course, this whole thing could play out totally different, but right now, this is the path I see my career taking and it’s not very attractive.


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