Fun with Kids

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Starting this Monday, I have a guy ripping out a great deal of my front yard to install a new front yard. Normally, I’d do this sort of work myself but as it will require hauling in mass quantities (Coneheads) of fill dirt, I’m gonna bit the bullet and pay someone to do it. The guy seems to know what he’s doing, although I’ve yet to see a real design picture of one of his projects. He seems good with the general yard duties, and I’ve seen some nice block-work that he’s done (you know, those oft-unsightly huge tan blocks you see at Home Depot). So, I’m kinda taking a chance on the guy, but he seems really nice and I kinda wanna help him out. Yeah, and the price is a lot better than the company that actually did my landscape plan.

I’ll post before and after pics and let YOU be the judge. That’s pretty much all I have for today, it being Easter and all. Gonna do church with the kids. This’ll be the first time for all four of us to go to church together.

Pray for us…


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