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Last Friday, I tried to go golfing with some buddies, but work got in the way (damn work!). I was doing halfway decently too and then lost focus…but anyway, REDEMPTION IS NIGH, sayeth the Lord!

For Hark! My wife scored two tickets to Sunday’s AT&T Classic in nearby Duluth Ga. And not just any tickets mind you, “Clubhouse Tickets,” which, if I’m reading the right description, gets me “limited” access to the clubhouse where I can hobnob with those who had a sucky round and finished their day first, as well as 18th hole bleacher seats where I can cheer and cry with the winners and losers as they finish up for the week.

Alas, I cannot take my wife with me since we don’t have grandparents who volunteer to watch the kids (evar!), so I’m “forced” to take my good buddy (whom I golf with) along for the ride. He too is saddened by my wife’s inability to go (hee hee hee :)). However, this means I must forgo any personal time on Saturday and Sunday morning, since it means saddling her with the kids for a long Sunday afternoon. But dude, Totally Worth It!


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