Temporary Insanity

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If we’re all truthful with ourselves (and the Internet), there are times, as a parent, when you question your ability to follow through. When the baby has been crying non-stop for hours, or, it’s waaay past any sane person’s bedtime and the baby is still going strong, while you’re little more than a walking zombie, I would imagine most of us empathize (if not sympathize) with these parents who flip out and do something unspeakable to their children. I truly believe that in those times, parents do temporarily go out of their mind. And I don’t mean that in a glib sort of way. I mean that in the most medically-relevant way possible. No loving parent would ever willingly do something bad to their children, but it takes patience of almost god-like proportions to remain calm and nurturing when the baby is at its worst.

That was me last night.

After having been up for nearly 5 hours with no nap, our little “angel” had gone to sleep numerous times, only to wake up the second you tried to put him down. I’d give him a bottle, and he’d suck on it with enough force to unclog a straw clogged with cheese grits–all the while grunting and breathing as if he’d just run a 10K marathon.

I was to the point of trying to find ear plugs so I didn’t have to listen to the grunting. I mean, I’ve heard of baby’s crying and it driving parents crazy, but just their breathing? What’s wrong with me when that noise makes me want to see if I can put my hand clean through the sheetrock AND the stud it’s attached to?

Luckily, there are two of us and I finally passed him off around 9 p.m. where he struggled for more than an hour more with my wife before succumbing to exhaustion.

Something’s gotta give. My prayer, “Dear God, after putting up with colic for nearly 3 months before you gave us a smile to hang onto, please make him want to go to bed by 8, so I can feel like a normal human being again. Thanks.!


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