What do you think you are…some kinda HERO?

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Seems like every few months we hear about some person who undergoes extreme adversity or trauma and escapes to tell the tale. The media call these people Heroes. Some are, some aren’t.

Today’s “hero” is a 66 year old man who, after improperly felling a tree, got pinned under it. After waiting 11 long hours for a rescue (he apparently lived in the woods), he cuts his own leg off with a pocketknife to free himself. All the stories I’ve read say that after freeing himself, his cries for help were heard by a “passing” neighbor who hiked out and called for help.

I pray that I’m not the only person in the world who doesn’t think this guy’s a hero. In fact, I would argue that he’s an idiot. Bear with me here.

None of the articles indicated that after freeing himself from his woodsy imprisonment, he crawled/hopped to his neighbor’s house. It simply says that his cries alerted a “passing” neighbor. Passing, as in, “I was passing near your house, where you lay after knifing off your leg.”

So, the question is, how much longer would he have had to wait before his neighbor found him? And if “not long” then how stupid does said 66 year old man feel now?

The whole thing reminds me of the SouthPark episode where the town’s folks are snowed in and within the first couple of hours, decide they’ll have to start eating each other in order to survive.

I’m just tired of the media claiming people like this, and rehabbed coke addicts as “heroes,” when the real heroes are the men and women out keeping the peace in the world and making life safer for the rest of us.
THOSE people are heroes.


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