You just saw what?

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Here in the Atlanta area, we have no shortage of wrecks and traffic. In fact, our traffic woes begat wrecks and vice versa. No matter how many lanes of highway we build on either side of the middle median, whenever a wreck occurs on one side, it not only boogers up traffic on its side but also on the opposite side. This phenomenon is due to something we call “rubberneckers.” In fact, one fella went so far as creating an entire Web site devoted to the Atlanta rubbernecker phenom. It’s truly amazing.

In addition to traffic accidents causing rubbernecking, I’ve noticed that as I’m driving down the road (not the interstate mind you), that if there happens to be an attractive lady walking/jogging along the side, that traffic in the lane nearest the lady (or sometimes young teenage girl) suddenly slows. It’s like watching a traffic light domino effect. Astute drivers learn to look ahead of where they are and anticipate this slow down, while cell-phone talkers and nose pickers are caught unaware and end up slamming on their brakes.

However, today I saw a first in my rubbernecking experience, and while part of me says, “it’s about time,” the other part of me says, “Oh dear Lord, help us all!”

So, I’m driving down the road on my way home and as I near my house, I notice a couple of shirtless young men jogging on the side of the road, and would you believe that at least six cars ahead of me hit their brakes to take a looky? And mind you, these “men” were probably around 16 years old…so not really hunky men either…just guys. Now, this is pretty par for the course as far as men oggling women goes–it doesn’t really matter what she looks like, guys will take a look just to look, and apparently, women are no different.

And I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I can confirm that at least two of the cars that hit their brakes, were occupied by women. Of course, you’d just about have to be a hermit to not notice that women have been coming into their own in the last decade and I suppose that along with our jobs, women would also start assuming our behavior as well, but I just don’t know if it’s such a good thing. For one, psychologists and “sex therapists” may have to adjust their belief that men are visually driven and women are emotionally driven. From what I’ve seen lately, a good many women I know find a hot guy just as satisfying as we gents find a good looking women. That’s certainly true at the gym and I’m betting it’s becoming fairly common across the board.

But hey, “tit for tat” ladies. Why not enjoy the body that we men slave over? Married or single, guys can’t honestly say that we suffer through exhausting workouts and day after day of sore muscles just so we look good to ourselves in the mirror. ‘Bout time someone noticed and appreciated all the hard work.

So ladies, take a piece of advice from me and take this newfound freedom you have and use it to your advantage. Tell those guys they look good. Ask them out on a date and hell, offer to pay…why not? Most of you make as much money as we do now anyway. You probably got $5 off at the Quick-E lube on “Ladies Tuesday” anyway, so throw caution to the wind and splurge a little. Trust me, when it comes to an aggressive woman, guys really won’t mind, as long as it’s directed towards mutually satifying activities.


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