Cue the scary Bach music please…

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Please read this with Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” playing in the Bach of your mind (Oh my! I couldn’t resist!)

In less than 30 hours, we will begin our trip to the beach with the extended family. Consisting of the following:
– 21 adults (over-21 counts here)
– 17 children
– 2 pregnant women, both around 7 months

Does it get any scarier than that? The simple adult-to-child ratio is enough to make even the most veteran of parents think twice. My wife and I were joking last night about how we’re going to spend a week at the beach, and not once will there be even the slightest sliver of a chance that we’ll get a romantic moment alone. We sort of half-kidded that we could designate one night alone for each couple, letting the other parents watch their kids, but then decided the thought of some of the family behind their closed door having the S-E-X was just too icky to ponder and so we nixed our idea.

The big plan is to get the car packed tonight. I’ll take the dogs over to the sitter’s tomorrow, then we’ll all get in the car and go to the park where we will encourage our oldest son to run his little heart out. Then, once properly hydrated and full of snacks, the thought is that he’ll take a nap while we drive. Same for the little guy. He stays awake as long as we’re outside, so hoping we can put him in his carseat and he’ll sleep at least an hour or two. Wish us luck.

I worked from home yesterday and doing so today and I gotta tell ya…with this job…when I say I’m working from home, I’m actually working from home (with the exception of blogging time, which doesn’t count). It sucks to be working from home and not being able to do any personal stuff. I saw a survey of how people who “work from home” spend their time and it was something like less than 30% of people who said they spend more than 3 hours actually working. I’m definately in the minority.
So anyway, have a great weekend. With luck I’ll blog about this hell..I mean “whole” escapade when I get back next Friday.
Love ya!


One thought on “Cue the scary Bach music please…

    m/p said:
    July 7, 2007 at 1:54 am

    Hope it turns out to be better than you think. Hey, since NOT going is not an option try to find an hour for yourselves even if it means you have to ask for the favor from someone else. A walk on the beach may lead to some time behind the dunes thus no thought need be had of reciprocal S-e-x time for anyone else. Work it!

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