A Wise Man Once Told Me…

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Most of us have probably all been the recipient of the saying, “In a hundred years, who’s going to care?” And like many, I’ve nodded along with the wisdom and then promptly turned around and continued worrying over whatever it was that prompted the proverb.

But you know…it’s true. If you don’t believe me, take a vacation; preferably a long one.

Before we left for our week of sun and fun (read: misery and hell), I had a handful of projects I was busily trying to get done before I left. Most of them involved a good deal of writing and according to the project’s owners, were of “uber importance.” I got some of the projects done on time, others I completely had to blow off. This didn’t stop me from worrying over them both before, during and after my vacation.

Yesterday I returned to work and do you know what I found? Yep, I found that it didn’t take a hundred years for the projects to lose their urgency–in fact, it only took a few days. Oh, they are still important and they still need to be done, but forcing the people who were pushing me to step back and wait, only served to prove how very unimportant their artificial deadlines were.

Since I’ve been sick for the last few days, my yard has also gone unmown, I haven’t gone to the gym, and I haven’t done a lot of other things I would have normally done. It’s tough, but I just have to keep reminding myself, “In 10 years, nobody is gonna care.” Life goes on, with or without you.


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