Senseless acts of violence

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Question: What do the following two things have in common?

Answer: They both were stolen off my truck yesterday. This is my 5th center cap stolen, and I can only imagine they are being sold on eBay; however, trick’s on the theif! After my last one was stolen, I wrote “STOLEN” and put a big happy face on the back of each cap with a permanent marker. So, the thief can’t sell them, or at least if he/she does, whoever receives it should turn the seller in.

What I can’t figure out is why they stole the license plate. I mean, it IS pewter, but last I checked, that’s not a precious metal. Maybe they were just mad over having popped off the cap and found what I’d done to it and just to be malicious, they stole my license plate too. Ah well.

Grand total ripped off: approx. $50. Maybe Santa will be good to me and stick some of this back in my stocking this Christmas.


One thought on “Senseless acts of violence

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