It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

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Sorry for my lack of correspondence the last few days, but truth is, I rarely have time to blog on the weekend, and then on Monday, I was home sick with a (yet another) sinus infection. Hello my good friend Augmentin. Let the stomach flora-massacre begin!

On the bright side of that, I will get a rosy clear complexion for a few weeks as the antibiotics kills off all the acne-causing bacteria in my body.

So yesterday, as I lay in bed playing “Tomb Raider: Anniversary,” my stomach started cramping. Figuring it was gas, I ignored it. By 9 p.m. last night, there was no ignoring it. The pain had me hunched over and the only relief I could get was lying flat on my back. When the sharp pains started in my right side (where yon appendix lies), I figured “better safe than sorry,” and headed to the hospital emergency room. Now, we are situated between several hospitals and since I didn’t want to drive all the way down to the “good” hospital (St. Joseph’s), I opted for one closer to home.

Did I mention it was a full-moon last night? Oh yes and it was an interesting eve in the ER. As I waited for the doctor to see me, I heard conversations about multiple shootings, a poor guy whose leg swole up after a plane trip (the doctors thought he got a blood clot…I guess it does actually happen) and some girl who had apparently threatened to kill herself multiple times and was on her way to the looney bin. As they strapped her down and wheeled her out, she continued on with what had been a 45-minute nonstop name-calling hate-fest.

So about 12:30 a.m., after some extremely painful waves of cramps, everything just stopped. I lay there for a few minutes to see if it was just a reprieve, and then when nothing happened, I got up off the bed, hopped up and down a few times and decided, “Ah, must have been gas!” I found a nurse and tried to convince her to let me go, but she insisted that I see a doctor first. 

After another 30 minutes, a doctor–young, decent looking guy straight out of “Grey’s Anatomy“–comes in  and after talking to me and poking around a while (there was still some soreness) tells me, “Here’s the problem. A lot of people with appendicitis hurt for a while, and then suddenly start feeling better. But that’s because usually the appendix has perforated. They feel better, they go home and then they end up on the operating table in much condition than they could have been if they’d gotten checked in the first place. I don’t feel comfortable sending you home until we have a look.”

So, I kicked off my shoes, got myself a banky and tried to ignore the guy in the curtained area next to me who got the most wonderful shot of Dilaudid and was happily chatting up whomever walked into his room (I was soooo jealous!).

Now let’s play a game…can you tell me which of the vile-containing mixtures in the picture here I had to drink in an hour:

  Yep, you guessed it. The tall cool drink of chalky mixture there in the middle.

On top of that, for some reason my veins tonight didn’t want to co-operate, so I have no fewer than four holes in my arms from various blood drawings (the first set “clotted” which my nurse tells me is code for “we dropped it…oops!”), an IV and whatever else. Now, this mixture is a dye that wanders around your body so that when they put you in a CT scan, they can tell where things are. And did I mention that when they put you in the CT scan they put this stuff in your IV that goes all through your body and when the CT Scan hits it, it heats up and you feel all warm. In fact, so warm that you feel like you just peed in your pants (I actually checked).

Luckily, no pee and guess what? Another hour an a half went by and my doctor tells me my appendix looks fine. Diagnosis: Secondary inflammation of my “guts” due to my sinus infection.

He gave me some Phenergin (even though I told him multiple times that I wasn’t nauseous) and some Percocet (Oh well, if you insist!) and sent me on my way. Got home about 5 a.m., went straight to bed and slept till eleven. My guts feel better, but this sinus infection still has me feeling like crap and on top of that, I’ve missed two days of work for which I feel guilty (even though I really had no projects on my plate). But thanks to all my family who were praying for me last night. Who knows…maybe it actually worked. 


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