Truth and Consequences

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In light of today’s announcement that Al Gore has won the Nobel Prize for peace, I’m finding it blindingly hard to focus on anything. So to get it out of my system, I’ll just say this, “How can you award a peace prize to someone who takes the credit for a climatology film that even a British Judge has issues with?”


Of Al Gore’s Film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” Judge Michael Burton wrote: “’Inconvenient Truth’ points largely made in ‘context of alarmism,’”


This same judge went on to require that the film correct nine of its facts before the judge would allow it to be shown to Britain’s public school children.


Wow! Nuff said.


Moving on, we’ve been inundated with toy catalogs lately now that Christmas is nigh upon us. Our boys are at odd ages I think. One is just starting to stand up, and since crawling is still the shortest distance between any two points, he’s not terribly interested in walking (but might be by Christmas). So really, he’s more interested in getting things off the coffee table that he shouldn’t than he is in any flashy, noisy toy we put in front of him.


Our oldest son, while loving the outdoors and bikes and jungle gyms and such, also enjoys puzzles. But, how many puzzles can you get a kid? And frankly, I’m not junking up my backyard with plastic jungle-gym crap for years to come just so he can play on it for a year or two.


So I’m thumbing through all of these magazines with a critical eye for things that will be more enjoyed by mid-next year rather than things they might enjoy right now, and I came upon something that really disturbed me.


There have always been blue-collar toys for kids such as a mechanic’s toolkit and a workbench with assorted hammers and such. And for the white-collar crowd, there is the obligatory little bag of doctor’s toys, which you have to be careful with and pack away once a child is beyond…say… the age of 6 (for obvious reasons). But this morning I saw this:

Cleaning Trolley

Yes folks, it’s a cleaning trolley—for your aspiring hotel maid I guess.

OK, little vacuums or a broom I can understand. Kids like to emulate their parents, and overall, it’s kinda cute. But an entire cleaning trolley, complete with hand-broom, spray bottle and, OMG, is that a plunger!? What self-respecting parent would buy this for their little girl (I hope nobody buys this for their son) and could sit there and think, “Oh how cute, she’s scrubbing imaginary toilets!

I can only pray that this is the worst-selling product in the history of toys.

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