Doin’ my part for the environment

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Watering Restrictions 


In case you’re not an avid watcher of the The Weather Channel, you may not realize just how bad of a drought the southeast is in. Here in the metro Atlanta area, the last tally I heard gave us just about 120 days worth of water left. Lakes that we use here for sport and for our water supply will be dry in a matter of weeks. It’s that bad.


So, keeping in line with my new “green” philosophy around the house, I’ve started trying to do my part to conserve water. Already, we can’t do any outdoor watering, so my yard looks like it normally does by February—all brown and wiry. I’ve managed to keep my newly-planted shrubbery (neep!) alive only by scooping out the dishwater each night and pouring that on  them, along with whatever waste water I get from the dog bowl before I rinse and clean it.


All of this is well and good, but you know…it takes work! It’s much simpler to just run the tap full blast and not worry about whether or not your neighbor is trying to help out, or whether he’s going to run his sprinkler on the weekend in direct violation of the guidelines.


Yesterday I needed to wash some clothes, so I pulled the drain hose out of its usual place and put it over the 15 gallon sink we have in the laundry room so I could collect the “gray” water. I went to take a shower (AKA: waste water) and left instructions for Career-mom to ensure it didn’t overflow.


It did.


So much for that idea. But, I did collect 15 gallons of water for my shrubs, for which they are eternally grateful. I’m trying to figure out other water-saving measures such as giving both boys a bath together, but our older one doesn’t like to do that anymore because he wants something for his own now that he has to share everything else. And I can’t blame him really.


Career-mom did her part last night too—when she invited me to take a shower with her. Course…I had already showered, but what the heck right? I’ve cut down everywhere else…why not splurge just a tiny bit?


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