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As I’ve mentioned before, I only have a few readers that I know of. So, in an effort to keep those few readers happy and reading, I’m using today’s blog to answer some of my reader’s burning questions. 


It was either that, or tell everyone about the massive quantities of sewage spewing out of the manhole in the back corner of my property. Somehow, exposing myself (figuratively speaking) to my readers seemed only slightly less nauseating.


Q1: “How do your parents feel about your postings?”

A: With the exception of my biological mom and half-sister, both of who are pretty nonjudgemental, and not closely enough associated with my everyday life to get offended, the rest of my family is woefully ignorant of my writing adventures. Most of my parents don’t know about my blog. In fact, neither does my wife (CareerMom). Part of me has considered that when I die, this blog might give my family some interesting insight into what I was thinking and my personal life, but a couple of thoughts on that:

A)     Would they care? Probably not.

B)     Do I want people to remember me as someone positively pessimistic? Again, probably not.


Q2: “How do you come up with all of your blog ideas?”

A: I find that boredom greatly facilitates mental meandering. Often, as I’m rocking the baby to sleep at night, or as I’m doing something banal at home, such as replacing a toilet flapper even as I try not to breathe in the fumes from the major load my son left that morning and couldn’t flush because I had shut the valve off and nobody left in the house after me could figure that out, I come up with great ideas. However, for every idea that ultimately ends up in print, two others are lost to the ether.


Q3: “Do you consider yourself to be a good father?”

A: This is a toughie. Being a father encompasses a lot of areas of responsibility. It requires the right mix of understanding, compassion and discipline—things which are not necessarily complimentary. I think that being a father brings with it a responsibility to not just raise a child, but to teach a child as well. Given all of that, here’s how I’d rate myself:

         Willingness and Desire: A

         Imagination: C

         Understanding and Compassion: C+

         Discipline: A-

         Patience: D

         Ability to Teach: B

         Love of my children: A+

         Endurance: C


So, if we give each letter a number score (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1), my composite average comes out to a: C+


Yeah, that’s about what I figured. Darn those low scores will really bring you down. 


Beyond that, I got nuthin!


2 thoughts on “Filler…

    Dana said:
    December 10, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    After all these years I still say you grossly underestimate yourself. You have a whole lot in all the ways that truly matter.

    Bio-Mom said:
    December 11, 2007 at 8:22 pm

    As for question #1: I can honestly say I am incredibly proud of my son’s writings. I think he is original in his thinking, honest in a way I really admire, and funny as HELL!

    Question #3:

    Here’s how I’d rate you:

    – Willingness and Desire: A

    – Imagination: B+ (I’ve heard those funny voices!)

    – Understanding and Compassion: B (maybe better. You do not give yourself a break, as the above comment noted)

    – Discipline: A-

    – Patience: C+ (this one takes years to perfect. You are so not alone.)

    – Ability to Teach: A++

    – Love of my children: A++

    – Endurance: A

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