Spending that new car dough!

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When CareerMom and I got married 8 years ago, she was driving her college car; a Ford Escort—a badly ragged out Ford Escort I might add. Much to her father’s relief, we soon bought her a new car—a mini-SUV—a Hyundai Santa Fe. Now, despite my fears (and partial shame) at buying a Hyundai, I will say that it has been THE MOST RELIABLE VEHICLE I have ever owned. We’ve had it in the shop for a real problem only twice in nearly 7 years.  But, with two kids in car seats now and an aging vehicle whose transmission has suddenly just “stopped” twice recently when backing out of our steep driveway, I think it’s time to get serious about another car for her.


We sort of half jokingly went looking for a new car last week when both kids were in daycare and we were both home enjoying our last vacation day of 2007, but our mirth quickly turned to serious inquiry when, after looking at a couple of vehicles, we realized how much we were missing out on. We started looking at the Dodge Grand Caravan because they have that cool new model whose second row seats swivel around backwards allowing you to stick a table up in the middle for your second and third row passengers to use for presumably, games and dining. It drove surprisingly well, but dang! It’s big. 


We hopped across the street to the Chrylser dealership to look at the Caravan’s counterpart, the Town and Country. It’s pretty much the same vehicle, except for about three grand less and the only reason I can see for the price difference, is that silly table. Now, anyone who grew up in the 70s knows having a platform or table in the car isn’t new. Heck, our customized van had a daggum bed built into the back, but apparently, today’s manufacturers have finally figured out a way to thumb their nose at the safety hawks who want our kids strapped in to the gills and not moving for hours on end and they apparently feel that consumers will pay for the privilege to do so. Were it not for the old geezer who “helped” us at the Chrysler dealership being such a creepy weirdo—so much so, that as I used the restroom, my wife refused to give him our address so he could mail us some information (oh, the latest tactic seems to be, “We’re all out of brochures. Let me get your address so I can send you something.”)–we might have actually considered it.


Luckily, brushing off a case of the heebie-jeebies, we went on down to the Buick/GMC dealership and absolutely fell in love with the GMC Acadia. CareerMom said of it, “Now this I like. I can be a mom and still look good driving the kids around.”


Can I argue with that? Heck no! 


We still haven’t bought; opting to wait it out a few more months for the 2008 model newness to wear off, but it looks like that’ll be our pick unless Lexus knocks about 30 large off their price (HAH!).

(Oh and don’t worry folks; I’m not naive enough to buy from the dealership!)



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