Wait wait! Mom went where?

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Today marks day one of a weeklong adventure whereas CareerMom is traveling abroad, leaving me alone with the children. 


I said, “Today marks day one of a weeklong…,”

OK you get the picture.


It’s not like I’ve never kept the boys while she’s traveled—I’ve just not done it for more than three days at a time. “But what’s an extra couple of days?” I keep asking myself. 


In preparation, I’ve banked and frozen enough dinners to get me through the week and I’ve managed to finagle a work from home policy for the week, so all in all I should be in good shape. I also had high hopes of getting good sleep since the baby has pretty much been sleeping through the night, but the last couple of days seems to have seen a resurgence in teething and he’s been waking up again as usual and being much more cranky in the evenings (yay me!).


I figure that if nothing else, I’ll stay busy in the evening and it’ll give me lots of fodder for my blog. So that being said, wish me luck; pray that everyone sleeps OK and if you’re feeling frisky, order me a pizza!


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