Adventures in single parenting…Day 2

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Well, last night was blessedly uneventful. My youngest son was in a fairly decent mood, but wasn’t much into eating anything we were having (chicken and dumplings w/veggies). Both boys were in bed by 8:30, leaving me alone to enjoy catching up on the new Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles on FOX (and Wow! Summer Glau…if I were 24 again and single…)


My youngest woke up at 4:30 and I never got back to sleep after that. He woke up again around 6:30 a.m. and when I walked into his room, my first thought was, “Poopy!” But after pulling his diaper off and discovering there was no poopy, I started sniffing out the source of the smell and discovered he’s puked on himself. I suspect it was when he was having a coughing fit. So, I cleaned him up and it was off to daycare.


So, I’m calling Day one a rousing success, and I pray that Day 2 goes as smoothly. I’m planning…oh, it doesn’t matter what I’m planning because the best laid plans get laid to waste when kids are involved! 


Meanwhile, The Weather Channel is calling for “wintery precipitation” Wednesday night and possibly into Thursday. Now normally I’d be all, “Whoa! That’s Great!” Except for the fact that I’m working from home and if the roads are too icy to risk going out on, I’m having to use a vacation day and I’m sittin’ home with the boys. However, given the inaccuracies of our local weather professionals, I’m not rushing out to bulk up on milk and toilet paper. 


I may regret it later, but right now I’m betting on it just being cold.


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