The unthinkable happens! Snow in Atlanta!

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Years ago here in the Atlanta area, the weather folks predicted a major ice storm. They played it up for days and in the end, there was little more than rain. So, they’ve learned their lesson about prognosticating bad weather and it was reflected in all the news leading up to the snow we received yesterday where they calmly stated that we “might” get some wintery precipitation, but little more than a dusting of snow.


We got about ½ inch here at the house and the biggest surprise was that it stuck! Unfortunately, it occurred late in the day and by the time I got the boys home, it was really too late to get out and enjoy it. I did get a few pictures though and they got to see their first snow; so that was exciting. CareerMom is bummed she missed it.


However, while in Vegas, CareerMom has had the dubious honor of sharing the Caesar’s Palace gym with none other than the Democratic hopeful Barack Obama. They both hit the gym early yesterday morning at 6 a.m. when it opened. Knowing that Obama smokes (yes ladies, that’s where his apparently intoxicating voice comes from), I’m a little surprised to hear he works out, but good for him. Course…it doesn’t change my view about him any, but at least he’s into fitness.


That’s about the only view we share. 


Oh and if you’re wondering, CareerMom says, “I’m pretty sure you do like, three times more weight than he does.”

Ha! If only we could settle political differences with a “lift-off,” where whoever lifts the most weight wins…that would rock! 

“Oh, I’m sorry Hillary, that puny squat simply isn’t going to get your universal health plan passed. Newt out-squatted you by 200lbs!”


I’m gonna smile about that thought all day…


One thought on “The unthinkable happens! Snow in Atlanta!

    Bio-Mom said:
    January 18, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    Tell the boys that Nana gets snow allll the time and they can come up here and help her build a really big snowman whenever Daddy wants to visit with them!!


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