In the land of "TMI" or It’s All In How You Look at It

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In what I can only explain as a tear in the fabric of time and space, both of the boys slept in until at least 6:30 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday mornings this weekend. It was both mystifying and satisfying at the same time. Course…when CareerMom and I woke up and realized we were both fully rested AND alone, it occurred to us both that maybe we should take advantage of the…um…free time.

Halfway through the “taking advantage of” time, we heard a rustle of jammies, which froze us both like a frog in the swamp as you’re sneaking up on him with a flashlight in one hand and a sharp stick in the other. Looking around and not seeing anything, I called an “all clear” and went back to…um…resting (yeah…that’s the ticket!).

Later, back at the Hall of Justice, I rolled outta bed and nearly collided with a four-year old sitting Native American style (can I just say “Indian” please?) on the floor beside the bed. He’d been there the whole time.

But, it was dark; we were quiet, and he doesn’t appear scarred for life. I deftly re-arranged the pillows and grabbed my underwear jammies and went to get some coffee while CareerMom took care of the morning cartoons. 

From there, the weekend took a decidedly ho-hum turn. Since I had a round of golf scheduled for Sunday afternoon, I pretty much handled the boys on Saturday.

CareerMom’s sister has a 2.5 year old girl who was a dreamchild as a baby, but they are now pregnant with a boy. She and her husband came over to wade through the bins n’ bins of baby clothes we have and they stayed for dinner. While there, they got to experience what I call, “Male-Aggedon” during which dinner is ignored by one and devoured by the other, couch pillows are hurled all over the living room so that a game of “step off the couch and fall flat on our face on the sofa cushions while we laugh like devils” can ensue; all the while a screaming contest is going on to see which boy can holler the loudest and most creatively.

By the end of the evening, CareerMom’s sister was heard blubbering, “I don’t know what we’re going to do. We just got lucky with “B” and I just think a boy is going to be so hard.”

Her husband travels a lot so she started quizzing me on how I manage when CareerMom travels and I gave her my best tips while I was cleaning up the dishes, all the while chuckling under my breath, “You are soooo screwed!” And I say this not to belittle her parenting skills (necessarily), but because this is the couple who have enjoyed the “baby free life” even after having a baby. They have been able to do this thanks to a combination of a husband whose job sends him around the country, a wife whose part-time job offers traveling flexibility, and the coup de gras being, that for some reason, CareerMom’s parents seem to watch their child waaaaay more than they ever watched ours. These same grandparents recently turned down our request to watch the boys so I could accompany CareerMom to San Fran, so I’m pretty sure it’s also hitting CareerMom’s sister that the gravy train days of freewheeling around the country while “Mimi and Granpa Sam watch their kids” is about to come to an abrupt halt.

Other notable events:

– I put in a really nice, heavy duty storm door. I put one in our old house that I got from Home Depot a few years ago and I got this one from Lowe’s. This one was a Pella brand door and it was world’s better than the Home Depot one!

– I played a really poor round of golf. Well, a poor half-round anyway. I did really well on the back nine after being sassed by the little 18-year old beverage girl as she handed me a Coors Light. I’m not sure which helped my game more; the alcohol, or getting hit on by an 18-year old (no, I’m not kidding myself guys. In my heart I KNOW she just wanted a good tip, but hey, I’ll take a compliment wherever I can get it).

So that was our weekend in a long, rambling nutshell. What did you folks do?

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