This is the Thanks I get…

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my friends Happy Father’s Day to all my Dad readers out there. Give yourself a hand…you’re doing a great job (unless you’re not and then “shame on you”)!

Nothing big to blog about today. I’m taking it easy.

My doctor (my “regular” doctor is an orthopedic surgeon) thinks I’ve herniated another disc (or rather, the same one AGAIN) and it’s terribly not comfortable. I have an MRI coming up and in the meantime, I have drugs, but I hate to take them for many obvious reasons (mostly cuz they make me retain water…ugh!).

So, I’m NOT out playing golf or doing anything dadish that I might normally do. Instead, we’re having family time in the form of a dual father’s day dinner for me and CareerMom’s dad and it involves ribs…lots of ribs…and beer. Yum!

Take care all!

(By the way…if I’ve sent you a weird e-mail, or given a strange-sounding response on your blog, it was probably the influence of the drugs. At least, that’s the excuse I’m going with for a while)

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