Disguising my laziness as "catching up"

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Often, we bloggers are topical. Meaning, we write about what’s going on right then. But later I sometimes find myself wondering, “And then what happened?”

So today’s blog is all about catching up, and about random things I’ve seen lately and mulled over. If you’re new to my blog, tuff! I’ll try to post links back to the original blog so if you’re interested, you can find out what led up to today’s update.

  • The lady with the slightly annoying daughter who won’t leave us alone, wants us to go to Disney next spring with her and her daughter to celebrate our kids’ birthdays! Are you friggin’ kidding me? What part of, “We’re a couple, and you’re not” doesn’t she get?
  • There’s only one reason to watch women’s beach volleyball. (Hint: “exciting” isn’t it)
  • And while we’re on the Olympics; this is the best thing I’ve seen yet:

Bush volleyball 
“…there’s no room for relationships, there’s just room to HIT IT!”

  • I’m feeling much better about life in general the last couple of days. As I alluded to in a comment about this post, things could be much, much worse.
  • I’ve been WFH a lot lately, and CareerMom went to visit her brother in VA, so I’m home even more, and I’ve seen new commercials with Wilford Brimley hawking “dye-uh-beat-us” (thanks Leighton!) supplies. And I’m happy to say that he seems to have found new life. These newer commercials are significantly better and he even walks some! Oh, and also, I’m mesmerized by the new “J.G. Wentworth” commercial that’s done as a Viking Opera. Don’t ask me why…I don’t get it either.
  • Daycare is apparently not really enforcing the “Three Strikes” policy on biting. And it’s a darn good thing too. Since I posted this blog, he’s bitten at least three times, though none of them were severe. But still…

That’s probably far enough back to catch y’all up!

2 thoughts on “Disguising my laziness as "catching up"

    Allison said:
    August 14, 2008 at 7:39 am

    Those beach volleyball bikinis are something to behold. I find myself staring at them too…I’m not attracted to women, but I’m amazed that bikinis could be so tiny and so obediently in place.

    RE: They ARE a thing to behind…I mean…BEHOLD! I’m pretty sure they either have those rubber thingies on the edges to keep them from sliding, or they rub some kinda stickem on there. I wonder, is that a job? “Official Bikini stickem rubber onner!”

    Rose said:
    August 15, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    I wish I could invite myself to your disney trip!!

    We are thinking about going in 13 months. We are trying to wait until our daughter is almost 5 and may be able to tolerate a rigorous schedule. As it is now she needs a nap every 3 days to keep her behavior up to par. She is also so tiny that we would end up having to carry her most of the time or rent a stroller for 100$ a day!!!


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