A recap…cuz, I got nuthin’ else

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I had a post all prepared (in my head) and then I forgot to send the associated picture to my other e-mail account. Since the picture is crucial to the post, it’ll all have to wait.

Instead, a couple of thoughts regarding this long, “LABOR DAY” weekend.

  • Next year, I think I’d rather labor at the office than labor at home.
  • How come you boys got up at 6:30 every morning this weekend, but this morning, when we all had to go to work, you slept till we got you up at 7:25?
  • Wildwood Springs, the campout at the neighborhood park idea was fantastic…except that it was abysmally hot and humid. Next year, let’s move it back a few more weeks into fall.
  • Same thing for the pig roast the next day. I believe the oppressive heat n’ humidity had a LOT to do with the low turnout.
  • If you receive a tent for your wedding, cuz you registered for it when you were a freewheeling, camping and hiking, non-parental couple, and then you put it in a storage bin for 9 years, when you pull it out, there will be holes.
  • There are a LOT of snakes in our creek.
  • Where the heck, is the cooler weather prognosticated last week?
  • Your 17-year old daughter is pregnant? Not that I care, cuz I recognize that kids are gonna have sex regardless of how “well” you brought them up (I sure as hell did), but this will not go unnoticed by the drive-by media!
  • If, on Friday, you tell me you want to talk to me about a job and you have your assistant set up a meeting to discuss it next week, then don’t, over the weekend, select someone else! Just be polite up-front and say, “Hey look, we already have someone picked out, but HR is making us put the job up for a week anyway.”  I would respect you much more in the second instance. As it is, you just pissed me off.

I reserve the right to add to this as the day goes on.


2 thoughts on “A recap…cuz, I got nuthin’ else

    shoalswriter said:
    September 2, 2008 at 11:02 am

    Nice to read about home and family from a dad’s perspective. I enjoy your blog — keep it coming!

    RE: Thanks for dropping by! I love comments from folks, so don’t be a stranger.

    Leighton said:
    September 2, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    I hear you on the wake-up time.

    We noticed a while ago that our son takes Guinness World Record naps during the week, but only snoozed for 90 minutes on the weekends.

    We concluded that he was jacked up because I was home.

    Now when we put him down on weekends, we tell him that I have to go back to work. For added effect, I even walk out to the garage as MC is taking him upstairs.

    It seems to be working.

    Granted, we’re LYING to our son, but lying is the foundation of good parenting, right?

    RE: Totally! That’s genius actually! We’re lucky if we get 45 minutes out of MLE now. I don’t know what they do at daycare to get him to sleep, but every day they say he sleeps for 1.5 hours. I suspect he’s not asleep omost of the time, but he’s just lying there.

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