Even my 18-month old will stop for this

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monkey pose We have satellite television here at the P&P household and among the many channels we get–most of which, I ignore–there is one called “FitTV.” It’s apparently a spinoff of The Discovery Channel. Most of the time, I couldn’t tell you what’s on this channel, other than infomercials for home gyms that most of us would use for a week and then stop using, but still have to pay for over 59 easy monthly payments.

But there’s one show–oh yes, there’s one show–that stops me in my tracks every time it comes on. It’s like crack to an addict. It’s like removing the catalytic converter on a Mustang Cobra and letting the engine breathe! It’s…perfection.

It’s called “Namaste Yoga.”

Let me briefly describe this show:

It includes three, highly fit women, ranging in age (I’m guessing) from the mid-20s, to early 30s. Usually two of them are ultra fit and slim, while one is what I call, “Meaty Hot!” I call her that, because she’s not ultra thin and she’s not “I’ve had two kids and can’t drop these last 15lbs” chubby, but she’s somewhere in the middle, and that’s a place I find highly desirable.

The show takes place as these three women do flexible yoga poses in various exotic locales. These destinations, while usually pretty mundane, always have something about them that fits the calming yoga mood. So far, I’ve noted the following places that are apparently perfect for yoga:

  • down by the docks (scrubbed clean of the usual flotsam no doubt)
  • in a misty forest setting
  • in a field (I’m pretty sure I saw a double-decker bus go by in the background on this one once)
  • on the edge of what appeared to be San Fran bay with the bridge in the background
  • the beach of course

Frankly, you could put these ladies in the middle of a meat packing plant, turn on some mellow “massage me now!” music and and I’d be perfectly content.

Oh, and did I mention they wear spandex shorts and halter tops that leave little to the imagination? It’s all there, I would not lie about something like this.

I’m not sure what the demographic for the show is here, but it comes on all the time and I can’t turn away. I’ve even stopped and watched snippets when CareerMom has been in the room, and either she’s just as entranced as I am, or she’s just indulging my fantasy.

I’m not sure I care either way.


2 thoughts on “Even my 18-month old will stop for this

    romi41 said:
    September 7, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    Oh my gosh, each day when I work out, I aspire for “meaty hot”, I know it’s possible!! 🙂

    And “59 easy payments”…lol, that is SO true! What on earth is easy about that many payments!??!?!

    Anyhoo, let me know when you find a dude-version of Namaste Yoga, except replacing the yoga with nearly naked karate or something… 😉

    RE: It’s totally possible!!
    Also, check out “Master Yee” http://www.amazon.com/Rodney-Yee-Yoga-Burn/dp/B000A4T80O
    He was on TV back in the early 00’s, but his shows are very strength oriented. I mean, it was a helluva workout cuz he made you hold the poses forever. But the dude does yoga without a shirt, and he’s major ripped! I think you’ll like!

    Allison said:
    September 13, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    I’ve checked out a few Pilates DVD’s from the library, and none of the women have been close to meaty hot…which I suppose is fine, since that’s not part of my criteria 🙂 I’m taking my first yoga class tomorrow, and hoping for some good blog material out of it. Maybe I should take my camera and look for meaty hot women to secretly photograph. I might not be allowed back.

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