And the hits just keep on coming…

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When I do go into the office, which is about two days per week on average, here is where I sit:

My cube

It’s small.

The walls are short.

The walls are thin.

Someone also sits directly behind and to the right of me.

There is no privacy.

There is no sense of “space.”

It does,

In short,


At home, I have a small office space set off of the master bedroom. In my small office, I have a large monitor, a speaker phone for my few teleconferences, my desktop computer and a very comfortable zero gravity chair where I can kick back with a warm heating pad when the mood hits me.

At home, I have the privacy and solitude that I lack after the family comes home at 5:30. In my home office, I can turn on my music or catch up on the TV shows I missed on my desktop computer, while working on my laptop.

At home, I can walk around in my jammies until lunch if I want. As long as my workload permits, I can analyze my finances without someone looking over my shoulder wondering why I’m not editing some crappy editorial someone wrote for a product that no one will sell.

It is my “space,” my little fortress of solitude.

And it’s all about to change. You see, CareerMom found out on Friday that she is being offered a new job at her company that is field-based. This means they are kicking her out of her office at work and instead, setting her up to work from home.

But what’s fair for one is fair for both right?  I see where you’re going with that line of thought, but bear with me here…at work, CareerMom has an office all to herself. She goes in at about 8:15, takes a one-hour lunch and gets off at five. Her job is such that “long lunches” are not unheard of. In short, she already has a lot of freedom at work that I only get at home.

My small office space at home isn’t large enough for both of us; but unfortunately, there’s no other ideal place for her to set up shop. And while I don’t technically “need” all of the amenities that I enjoy at home (my nice chair, my desktop computer, etc.), it sure is nice. However, CareerMom has a much more “social” job than I do, so she sort of does need the speakerphone, the desk space, and the other usual stuff that one has at work. We’re also both of the mind that we don’t want to share a space. She’s not used to it, and that’s the whole reason I don’t go into the office in the first place. Giving her my office at home makes the most sense, no matter how much I dislike it.

So unless we want to go in hoc to finish a room in the basement for one of us, it looks like I’ll be working on my laptop from wherever in the house I can find a seat while CareerMom takes over my fortress of solitude.

Am I bitter? Yep. Am I being selfish? It’s debatable. Her career has steadily progressed while mine has arguably stagnated. And while I’m not particularly hung up on the whole, “who makes more money than whom” thing, some things a guy just needs to call his own. My office was my own and now even that’s gone.

Am I gonna suck it up and get over it? Possibly, but not anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “And the hits just keep on coming…

    birdpress said:
    October 13, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    Oh, man, that’s rough. I really don’t think you are being selfish, actually. I mean, you ARE giving her your space; you don’t have to be happy about it.

    When I was working with J at the moving company, we once packed up a couple where the wife had her office set up in a converted shed in the backyard. It looked really nice and even had a little bathroom in there. They’d put big windows in two walls, put down a big rug, and added lots of shelves. Maybe you could eventually set up something like that?

    RE: Well, I think maybe CareerMom has finally tracked down my blog because last night she said, “I was re-looking at the space in the playroom and I think I can just set up a small desk in there and use that.”

    And since that had been my first recommendation, which she had immediately discounted due to it being one of the kids’ favorite play areas, I responded with, “But I thought you said it would be too noisy in there.”

    “Well, most of the time I’ll be working there, they won’t be home. And I really don’t want to take your space up here. I’m just not gonna do it.”

    A tad too “exact” to the sentiments that I expressed about this whole deal to be coincidence.
    See, now a psychologist would say, “The two of you need to be more open and communicative in your marriage, rather than communicating via blog.”

    Yeah, well some things are better said when one is pretending the other party doesn’t know that you know that they know where you say things like this. To paraphrase TrishaTruly, “Don’t read it if you’re going to get offended.”

    Allison said:
    October 16, 2008 at 7:57 am

    Sheesh, that’s big…we can’t even share desserts at restaurants…I know we could never handle sharing a home office.

    Did you get any funny looks when you took a pic of your cubicle? One person caught me when I took a picture of mine…thankfully, he had done the same thing when he started working there so it was easily explained and understood.

    RE: Eh, I took it before 9 a.m. Not a whole lotta people come to the office anymore since “OUR BIG PARENT COMPANY” bought us, so you can pretty much do whatever you want.

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