Month: March 2010

It’s time to get movin…

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It’s interesting, I think, that nearly¬†10 years ago, the company I worked for closed up shop and I was left looking for a new job. Largely out of boredom, I began writing online for fun and a lot of it was picked up and published–usually in obscure newsletters and e-zines.

This morning I received a call that my position with my company is being terminated. I have a month to find a new position within my company, or I’m out. What’s interesting, is that I once again find myself turning to the Internet to talk about it.

Things are much different this time around. For one, this time I leave with years of solid work behind me and having worked for a very well-known company. I also have my degree now–something I didn’t have the first time around. So, while I’m understandably stressed over it, it’s not so bad really.

Truth be told, I hated what I was doing. About three months ago, I was moved into a new group. My job went from being a creative person, to being a project manager. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a very logical and orderly person. Knowing this, you’d think that my brain would love the order that project management brings.

Not so! There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

So perhaps this is just the change I needed, to make the move that I needed to make. We’ll see.